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Friday, November 30, 2012

Kindle Fire

Kindle paperwhite becomes gift, Kindle Fire on sale with year end Prime cash savings and I have it for my reader. I always wanted to try reading a magazine digitally, so I ordered Prevention and its quite nice.

I remember the Christmas of 58, I got a car that exploded when you crashed it into a dozen pieces, and the snows of Oneonta NY, I loved those brief years in NY.


Kansas Bob said...

Did not know that you and I live in New York during those years.

Anonymous said...

That was an unhappy year for me. We moved in my Junior year in HS and I was having trouble finding a place in the new school. I got a How to Knit book for that Christmas and taught myself. I made a pair of slippers and then a sweater with a shawl neck, buttonholes and pockets. I have found such joy in this craft and still knit everyday. I went back to Oneonta not too long ago. The house on Ceperly is still there but the house on the hill has been torn down and the college has built up tremendously. I love to see these pictures. There is a whole period in the family when I was away at college and the starting my own family and teaching that I missed. It was unusual for Mom or Dad to call me and I couldn't affort to contact them. Some times youwish you could have a do over.