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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What is the point of Thanksgiving?

Contrast. You know you have something that others do not. Be it freedom from war and hunger, loving family and stable situation, health and happiness.

But you remember that at many times in your journey you were hurting, you lost a loved one, a job, friends, and everything looked bleak, and you struggled to be thankful for life because the tests and challenges were so great.

Contrast is something God had to give you so you and He could realize who we are, and we can realize who He is, for grace has no meaning apart from law, and comfort has no meaning apart from suffering, and life has no meaning apart from death.

So, when Desmond said "See you in another life brotha", it is because we know that this life has pain and loss and need and sickness and weariness and war and death and violence, and we know and sense that the sweetness of the next will be sweeter having travelled through this harsh, broken and yet precious and beautiful world.

That....is the point....of Thanksgiving.

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