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Monday, November 19, 2012

Note books and notepads

Hanging out for an evening with teenagers reminds you of the passing of time. Teens always believe they are at the cutting edge of life and ready to take it on with that blend of confidence and insecurity so common to the teen species. They are adults, but very young ones.

Every year of my education was recorded on notebooks with pen, pencil and ample number of daydreaming doodles. We had no personal computers, no laptops, no phones to text messages to friends. All these things are so much a part of todays teens that they would not be able to imagine life without them.

I still love teens and am so excited to see a fine group of kids learning to praise God and perform before crowds and gain confidence for their own race, their own journey in a world a lot different from mine. I hope I never forget how new and fresh and exciting it was to be that age, and I hope to gain as much from where I am currently....and very thankfully, with my own array of digital products that allow me to connect with folks from my past and present. Enjoy this short workweek and another American Thanksgiving.

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