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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Party Spirit

A conservative mind wants social justice and economic freedom, a liberal mind wants social freedom and economic justice, and I did not say that but it just about sums up the differences between both groups.

Can we really say one is dead right and the other dead wrong. Are not there situations where each would be important?

The belittling of each view is demeaning to both, and I am tired of all those who try to make our differences so great as to create enemies among us.

There's a thought war going on in my world of Christian thought as well, you just can't seem to get away from the party spirit anywhere.

Reminds me of the old Beach Boys tune, there's a place where I can go to tell my problems too, in my room, in my room. Someday's I just need to tune out the squabbles and just live.

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