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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Angry old men

I accept all points of view on my Facebook page, but I have a few acquaintances from my theological past who are having trouble accepting the results of the election. One in particular has been unemployed and I guess has had too much time to ruminate because he posts 10 to 20 political links and photos in a row on most days, and it gets a bit wearisome. I guess that's why there is an unfriend option.

I always felt link my generation was special, the baby boomers, because we came along after the war and were a large demographic. I felt like we were especially blessed to live in such prosperity in-spite of some really expensive regional conflicts, (called wars even though they were not declared as such).

It could be that the boomers will be the victims of our own numbers in our last decades and be the group that gets cut out of the benefit line. Who knows?

I just am waiting to see how it all shakes out, and sensing that there is something wrong with the approach of those who feel God has lost control of everything because the liberals are in power. It frankly shows a lot of weakness in your view of God and your understanding of history, and perhaps too much focus on doom and gloom theology.

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Kansas Bob said...

The elections spoke more about the divisions in the GOP than the greatness of the Democratic Party. I think that the country is doing okay even if others preaching gloom and doom.