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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Month of Very Special Music

I was not raised in a family that listened to music. We had a cheap record player with a few albums and I would place the removable speakers tilted together and put my head between them for maximum stereo. Beach Boys as I remember.

I was very jealous when my friend Chris got a clock radio with at the time larger speakers. I never collected any personal music during college, and when cassette tapes replaced vinyl I had a small collection. Mostly a car radio music man.

Digital changed all that. The CD was strong enough to withstand my careless handling and hot car, and music has grown into a major part of my life during precious moments in my day. And the Ipod, my classic will be four this Christmas, we have Ipod players in the kitchen, study, and bedroom, and always near me when I leave home in my carry case. I shop sales, used and save for special ones.

All my Christmas music is loaded and playing, as it will till after Christmas day. i have close to 500 songs from all genres, classical, pop, traditional, celtic, and each plays a role in bringing me into the season and the truth of Emmanuel.

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