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Monday, November 5, 2012

Post Millenial meanderings

As long as the ancient scriptures have been pondered we have wondered about how this current age ends. The most popular views contain grim pictures of apostasy and war and a final battle. I grew up in a tradition that offered other views and was quite suspect of this popular end times view.

Some of my fellow students followed a view called post millenialism, and they had lots of scriptural reasons for defending it. This view calls for the gradual and steady influence of good and God creating a wonderful future for us as we slowly learn that God has made us one and that the world really works when we work together.

Its not completely Utopian, we still have renegades, but people become for civilized with education and progress and the gospel influence, and life on earth is good.

We forget that much of Jesus teaching was to create abundant life here. And on this day before we see the course of our near future I cast a longing look at that view and wander why we are always to be full of hope, there must be power in hope.

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