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Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankfulness is a discipline that sets us free

My parents were married on Thanksgiving and he left wife and child to fight in the war, and everything about the way we take a day to celebrate our unique past and national history is good. We live in a time when many have reminded us that not everything is perfect in the story of our development as a nation.

The Indians welcomed the Pilgrims but the end of the story is not so pleasant.

The farmers cultivated the land on the sweat and tears of people they believed were less than human.

We fought about that.

You see where I am going with the place we find ourselves in this unmasked view of history.

But this next week, can simply be about my family, and our connection to our parents, and how their struggles to live and work put us in places where we lived, and learned and experiences the joys and sorrows of life. We came to believe in God and faith and love, and we saw that this flawed
country is still a great country, a free country, a diverse country, a blessed country.

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