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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An eschatology of Grace

Well, we did not get an eschatology of renewed hope to bring back America, and this will no doubt reinvigorate those who have an eschatology of doom and gloom. Here comes the judge will be the mantra of many.

Not me. I am totally convinced in the eschatology of Grace. I am a minister of a new covenant, a grace covenant, and I am humbly learning that grace wins, because it is empowered by love and hope way deeper than political hope.

It understands the weakness of the flesh and refuses to rely upon it. It embraces God's desire to spread compassion and kindness and freedom from fear. It does seek to lift up those who are struggling and to heal those who are hurting.

The political divide in our country is real, and will continue to be a hot topic, and the economy will still be crucial to our future, but grace calls me to be inclusive, no longer red or blue, but red, white, and blue. Grace calls me to keep my eyes on the other countries of the world and seek their good in ministry and mercy and mission.
Grace calls me to "be the change I desire to be in the world".

Grace calls me to hope that national health care actually works??? Because the slim mandate will keep us moving in that direction. And of all the services this aging dude needs, life extension is a big one.

Grace calls me to be hoping that our president moderates some of his extreme left views, and to pray for him and the leaders of our republic....and to enjoy life.


Dixie said...

Funny how people in the US are so worried about universal healthcare, and we in Canada always wonder and worry what it would be like to live WITHOUT universal healthcare. :)

Dixie said...

Btw, I did a post about our church for you. It's up now!

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement to us in this new ministry stuff even from a far!