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Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life

I begin this Thanksgiving Post as the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade begins. It is like a constant, a yearly place to pause and reflect. It is a positive statement on what makes us special, our ability to celebrate the culture, with balloons, bands, and music. It is quintessential America, and I love it. I love Al Roker, I love to see NYC recovering from the blow and helping others struggling to recover.

I am so thankful to have family, we are seperated and small, but our love is real and we honor our families now passed into the other life for raising us the best they could. I loved the 60s with all its culture wars, I loved the 70s when God gave me a wife and family of my own. I loved the 80s when I was struggling to see how I fit in a changing world, I loved the 90s when I moved west, hit the wall, and found life on the other side of the trainwreck. I have loved the 2000s when God showed me the full story of His amazing love, even in the midst of life threatening heart disease.

Cherish life, have faith, live fully in the moment, love what is.

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Dixie said...

Hi Don,

Loved your one sentence description of the decades. Isn't it amazing the story God gives us?

Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.