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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Atlas Shrugged

Skillfully carved in South America, sold to American tourists to be displayed and enjoyed with the telling of the story, that's free enterprise.

The sound was poor and the movie was a bit hard to get into, but Ayn Rand's philosophy of hard work, risk and reward free enterprise came through loudly amidst the thinly disguised calls for equality that were in reality, the confiscation of wealth. A timely message.

I first read Ayn Rand's philosophical and preachy novels in high school, and felt a bit uncomfortable with her defense of pure selfishness and her hatred of anything that smacked of compassion for the weak. I think Christianity strikes a better balance in defending ownership and yet seeking to help those unable to survive through sickness, birth defect, accident or hardship.

America has done a good job of helping the unfortunate as well. Socialism which seeks to keep anyone from hardship by penalizing everyone has never worked and will never work, though many see the early attempt in Jerusalem during the famine as a sanction for the hope that it could.

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