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Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have an ambitious summer reading project, assuming we are still here next week. Three books hovering around the same subject in an odd way. I will be sharing some of the ideas harvested from time to time.

The first is a recent publication by an Old Testament Scholar and teacher entitled, God Behaving Badly. It addresses in a popular way the struggle many are having today with the violence of the Old Covenant and the apparent peaceful and non violent goals of Jesus in the New Covenant.

The second is a book written by a Christ converted former Arab Terrorist, who believes Muslims will only have peace with the west if the west converts to Islam, period, exclamation point. I will share some insights from this book and its name later.

The third is a book written early in this century, that fully embraces the character of God in the Old and New Testament as cohesive and complimentary, but he also believes God's ultimate goal is not to separate and punish but to restore and reconcile all humanity through the cross of Christ.

Can all these ideas be juxtaposed? Will I have enough time to read them all? Stay tuned for more....if time permits.

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