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Monday, May 23, 2011

Six Square Miles

I remind you again that I subtitle my blog "wonderful life" after George Bailey, who never reached his dreams but realized he had a wonderful life. I was leading a Bible study last week and took this picture which is an airplane view of my little hamlet south of Chandler.

For my out of town readers our church and office are in the circular streets in the lower left hand square. My home is in the upper right hand square. What you cannot see is the territorial separation of Sun Lakes into phases.

In this place we have built a home and a life, not what we were expecting, but what God has for us to extend my ministerial life. I do not think I would have made it out there among the English, with drums and guitars and practical sermons to help you live a better life.

So today I visited a 93 year old man in a home, and a good friend who had chest pains, and a man dealing with the loss of his son and daughter in an accident, and...it is a wonderful life. I also enjoyed a workout and had several friends ask me about the rapture non incident knowing I would listen without trying to be someone I am not.

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