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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Book Wars

A view of Maui's sister islands.

Frances Chan and Mark Galli are both writing books that will oppose some of the issues raised in Rob Bell's book Love Wins. Apparently one of the books will be entitled God Wins.

If God is Love, does that mean if God wins, Love wins?

At the bottom of this latest and in my view, very important debate is the traditional view of hell. Does God win when Hell is full, forever and ever?

Bell's book asks many questions without giving answers, and it is not in any way a Bible study with proof texts. I never felt when I was reading it that God was under attack. Our interpretations of the gospel were being questioned, and that is good and necessary.

This is why I enjoy reading books by people who are dead. They have had their say, and cannot defend it, nor will they be upset if someone agrees, or have to watch someone write a book to oppose what was said.

At the beginning of a new reformation, these questions will be discussed, and new paradigms will replace old ones. Love will win, and God will win. I have seen in my own little view of the world great blessing done my believers and great harm done by believers. The tradition teaching about hell has done more harm than good the way we have construed it, and it confuses who God is, and what the Gospel is.

The Cat is out of the bag on this debate, and no one will ever be able to return to the status quo on it. So, read, think, pray, listen, be slow to respond and remember that anger does not advance the will of God.


Andrew said...

Well said friend!

Kansas Bob said...

Our small group has been reading Love Wins and having good conversation around it. Most of the people did not recognize the Martin Zender-ish leanings in the chapter on Hell. I have no issues with those leanings but wish that he was a bit more transparent about them and the way that he embraces Christian Universalism. Guess I have a difficult time with leading questions that try to masquerade themselves as if Bell does not have strong beliefs about the issue. I suggest that someone with a grayer view would ask different kinds of questions.

Don Hendricks said...

Bob, I gently disagree with you. Zender is way over the line, and most honest reviewers have not seen anything like CU in Bell.

I appreciated the fact that he recognized the complexity of the question, what is conversion.

I just know the traditional view of hell needs to be examined from many different perspectives. We will all grow from the study.

Love and Respect, hope you are safe in this time of storms.

Kansas Bob said...

You might be right Don. My concern is the conclusions that some younger believers in my small group go to. Bell strongly leans to one view on the issues. Consequentially the chapter on hell is not a balanced approach to the topic. I am enjoying the read but can't go to the places he leads readers to go. Of course I have not finished the book yet. Maybe it will 'win' me over in the end.