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Saturday, May 14, 2011

One more week

If Campings bible predictions are right we have a week. Most are dismissing him, yet it is odd to me that many of those same people do not dismiss LaHaye, Lindsey, and the current crop of end time prognosticators because their theological understandings are more popular than Campings.

When we attempt to read the scriptures along with the news we are pretty much marching down a fruitless path. Tomorrow I will discuss the word tribulation and then will move on to other subjects while we wait for the fallout to come from Campings end time hysteria, or the world's derision that will certainly follow such a bold attempt to parse the timeline of scripture.

Personally this warning has been too long to take. I have not know what to do with myself without long term planning. One friend suggested we go and run up our credit cards, but we would not have enough time to enjoy the booty, and, if he is wrong we will be in serious debt. Its a good thing congress isn't adding this to their spending equations or we would be in serious trouble......wait....we already are in serious trouble. Enjoy your Saturday.

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