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Monday, May 9, 2011

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, been doggin my life

The couple who own this home have a hobby of buying distressed homes, fixing them up, and selling them. They were able to build their own dream home with this hobby. My admiration for their hard work.

I love Ray LaMontaynes song lamenting the difficulties of his life and praising a women who would not let him go. Our Mom's played that role for most of us, and yesterday we thanked them for it.

The news seems to be over filled with trouble these days. Unrest in the Arabic countries, floods and tornado's in the south, economic struggles with unemployment and high costs of living. Seems like we are in a full court press.

The information revolution has made the world seem so small and accessible, yet there are so many things any one person cannot change that I feel overwhelmed by what I know of the world and the burdens of my heart. I offer my prayers, affirm my hopes, and keep on living with my own set of struggles and joys. That's life.

There was the cutest comic in yesterdays paper emailed to me about a grandmother who believed her worries actually averted problems, since the things she is anxious about rarely come true. It reminded me of my mother, who developed that art to a high degree. I have always been drawn to biblical psychology at this point...Have no anxiety about anything, but by prayer and supplication makes your requests known to God, and the peace of God that passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

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Anonymous said...

Mom certainly could have benefited from a little Xanax. My child hood memories are so different from yours. Mom was so busy with you three younger children that I had almost complete freedom. I roamed far and wide when we lived in Indiana and by the time we started moving it was a pattern that didn't change. I also got myself into some tight situations. And figured out how to get myself out of them. I attended five different shcools and learned to make friends but not to keep life long relationships. That is on me. If psychiatic care had been available for mom I don't think she would have taken advantage of it. There was a terrible stigma against it in the extended family ie. Joyce C. Keep blogging brother. I check in on you often and enjoy. New experience for me today. Am newly invited to participate in area Interfaith Council and will attend for the first time today.
Love, Judy