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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Odds and Ends on Saturday.

Whenever I have found a hair stylist I like, he or she moves. Today I tracked Andre to her new location and got a hair cut I am pleased with.

I tried the Atkins low carb diet in the 80s, and remember feeling starved and deprived. Tho early days of low carb living were spoiled by the bad press of guys filling a plate with bacon and announcing it was healthy. I think I would have discovered a healthier lifestyle if I had understood more back then. I hear the movement has become more balanced after Dr. Atkins death by new physicians and scholars and more balanced approaches that include that last 30 years of research.

Building regular exercise into your schedule is one of the best things you can ever do for the quality of your life. If none of this works to save my life I will not regret one moment in enjoying walking, stretching, and lifting.

I understand Campings vision of May 21st is an earthquake surrounding the globe and hitting your street at sunset, unleashing untold death and suffering for those left behind. The open graves of the wicked with serve to shame and desecrate them and leave the world in the stench of death from May till Oct....and....have a nice day.

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