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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tile 95 percent done, personal renovation ongoing

Cat approves of the project so far, notice all the baseboard are off because of the water damage we had.

We have been so pleased with the work done by Stradling's Cabinets installation crews. Care and skill demonstrated daily. because we did the tear out of the old tile in three stages, this job has probably taken them longer than most, and I am thinking we will see grouting done today.

Since it is so important for me to lose weight and maintain healthy blood sugars, I am really doing a lot of study on the best ways to eat and lose weight safely and healthily. I have come to realize that there really is no way to lose more than one or two pounds a week safely and have it actually be fat, not water and muscle. The sooner we fatties get that through our head the easier finding a diet for the long haul will be. Eating naturally with healthy fats, nuts and fruits, small amounts of healthy proteins, and abundant vegetables and legumes has been an adventure.

I am now at the weight I maintained through most of my 30s, and hoping to head to the weight I maintained during the last part of my 20s, Unfortunately, after college when I ate in the cafeteria, and before marriage, I gained lots of weight living in a bachelor situation during grad school. This coincided with the popularization of a health nemesis.....HAMBURGER HELPER!!!!!! It was so simple, so filling, so full of salt and carbs..... Thankfully after marriage I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and began my ministry as slender as I ever have been, that was age 26, and that is my goal weight.


Anonymous said...

Don, Keep up the good work. I am down 20 lbs. Recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes made me take notice. I am counting carbs and take metformin. Snack foods and prepared foods have been banished. The weight loss has been accompanied by a drop in blood pressure. I miss snacking but am eating 4 to 6 times a day. My dietition calls it grazing. Lot of raw veggies.
Love, Judy

Don said...

Way to go Sis, don't neglect the value of legumes as a source of protien and slow burning carbs. I love black beans, pintos, lentils.

You should have a stress test done at some point to see if you may have the gene for plaqueing up like I do. Its a small dense LDL that created fast plaque build up.