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Friday, May 13, 2011

And Behind Door Number 3???

I am back after the blogger hiccup. I appreciate Blogger for its flawless performance and am glad to be back online.

Our painting project is done, and Monday the Granite counter tops will be installed which means we are really getting close. For those new to the blog, we had a pipe back up and spill several hundred gallons of water in the house about a month before we started our kitchen remodel so we have had many weeks of messy house, torn up floor boards, and today Jack and his partner did a great job of painting the newly installed baseboards, eight of our doors, and all the kitchen, living room/dining room and hallway.

When we moved west 22 years ago, I had the hope of owning my own home after living in church owned property for years. We have enjoyed purchasing a home that had never been occupied, building a home from an empty lot, and remodeling a home that was built 22 years ago. It has been fun and finacially beneficial to own our own home.

On a related note, I have a new tree outside my office window. Its a Wireless Palm Tree 100 ft tall. Pretty cool, hope I can finally get 4G in my area.

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