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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Waiting for Sunday to come

Waiting to see if Harold Campings prediction is right. Honestly it creates a heightened sense of observation about how we live and the situations our current culture is facing. The very survival of our country seems to be in danger due to massive debt. For me it emphasizes the escape response that takes Christians out of the battle for a better expression of the kingdom as people sit and wait to be removed from it all.

A normal week involves so many routine things that one wonders just how to spend his last week, if indeed the end is near. Its all so surreal.

Even this long awaited remodel would seem to be a total waste of time and money if we prepare no meals there and never restock the cupboard.

The biggest thing of all in end times theology is this....who is the God we serve? Are we still sinners in the hands of an angry God? What about the end of the law as the standard for relationship with God. What about the better promises of the new covenant, what about God's expansive love? I still have this deep conviction that end timers are reliving the end of the old covenant by not understanding the nature of grace and the promise of the new covenant. But....what do I really know??? So I wait for Sunday.

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