Hawaii 2010

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Concert Observations and Celebrations

As a Halloween Encore they came out as Brookes and Dunn and Reba and sang one of their songs...fun.

Our ears are still ringing, the throbbing drum beats vibrated our bodies. This crossover country is loud. Lady Antebellum had as many as five guitars going at times. Yet for one song they all took acoustic instruments and played classical country with great beauty.

The Country Music crowd is disciplined, multigenerational, in love with the words, and likes to move with the music. Some of the songs were deeply moving and so well orchestrated that you were lifted emotionally in your feelings of joy.

The success of Country music is the song writing and melodies, combined with developed talent. These three young people are good, trust me on this. They can play and sing with the best.

Comerica Theater sells popcorn for $11.50, drinks for $10, water and cokes for $5 It seats 6,000 at its most expanded and it was pretty full. As a Christian there is a bit of built in guilt about something this...."wordly". But as I watch, talk with people nearby, watch people trying to take photos in the dark...me included...I think, this is just good clean fun, very pleasant entertainment, and we had a blast.

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