Hawaii 2010

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Does God know the exact moment of my death?

Sunset at Black Rock, Kannapali Beach, Maui.

This question came up in the discussion at Men's Bible Study this morning. My answer was.....of course, being omnicient gives God a look ahead. That being said, it really would have no affect on me unless He were to whisper the day in my ear.

What that means to me, is that we can and should try to extend our lifespan if we are able, with healthy eating, exercise, stress management, efforts to have a safe home and drive carefully, etc. We can therefore say that we will live longer if we quit smoking or stop reckless living. We could still have an unpreventable accident or a sudden heart attack or stroke and be gone in an instant, to our surprise but not to God's.

Tonight we are having a special dining experience, and I will be more focused on taste, enjoyment and living...than eating carefully.

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Kansas Bob said...

Trying to remember that old adage about doing something as if it were your last day but doing something else as if you will live forever. Alas, it slips my mind..