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Monday, November 8, 2010

Rest in Peace, my Philipino Brother

The Phone rang today, it was Pastor Del Mundo's wife telling me he had died suddenly of a stroke and aneuyrism at the yearly conference of his fellowship.

He was 47 years old and had spent his whole career in youth ministry, the director of Student Missionary Outreach on the Island of Negro, he and his family lived above the Ministry home. Renato came to the States to visit family and graduates about every other year, and stayed in my home several times. We had great fellowship in Christ. I always marveled that he would travel with almost no money and trust God to provide travel funds along the way.

His death came as a complete surprise given his young age. It took a while for his wife to get notice to us as He kept the ministry records on his laptop. He died at the end of August. I will miss his love of theology, young people, and his people and country. He turned down large pastorates to continue his youth work for what for us is a shockingly low salary. God bless his wife who is taking over the directorship and his talented sons who will make him pround.

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