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Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas over the years

In the late seventies, as a young couple with one child, I began my love affair with photography, first with a Yashica viewfinder fixed lens, then I spent a huge 260 for my first SLR, a Ricoh. I loved those days in Crystal Springs, MS.

This pictures shows Grandma and Shannon staring at a tree that I literally cut out of the woods, they were big and ugly, but fun. Notice the orange color of that old film responding the warm lighting.

That manse was a turn of the century shot gun style home with three rooms with 12 ft ceilings on each side of a hallway that was designed to let air flow through the house. We still display the stiched picture on the wall by Lauras grandma and the stockings made by my mom. Chances are the gifts were short lived and long gone.

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Kansas Bob said...

"big and ugly, but fun"

I can relate to those kind of trees. Also remember my first SLR back in the 70s but I cannot remember the make - don't think the company survived competition from the Canon, Nikon and Olympus.