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Friday, November 5, 2010

Lost and Found

I asked the Cat where my stuff was and he said...nothing!

I have a hard time keeping track of small things. I have been unable to find my digital recorder and my back up hard drive for my photos for over three months. When I leave things around Laura cleans up and puts things away and forgets where she put them. It does not help that I have two offices, one in the home and one on campus at work. It does not help that I am a bit of a hoarder of books and papers. It does not help that no amount of organizational advice helps me for very long. Please do not mock me for this weakness if you don't have it.

Yesterday, after looking in the same drawer for the fourth time I found them under some paper. I am very thankful but wish I could stop this bad habit.

In their absence, I have forgotten how to use both of them and must relearn. Is'nt aging fun?! The grandkids are coming for the weekend, now that will be fun. I brought the golf cart we keep at the office to enjoy the fall weather and drive around the neighborhood.

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Kansas Bob said...

I can relate. Before we moved I misplaced my HP bluetooth mouse and never did find it. I suspect it was thrown away.