Hawaii 2010

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Pinky postscript

Do not use sharp scissors to open a bottle cap. Here is the instrument of pinky pad removal.

The problem with a damaged pinky is that it takes the damaged pinky to type the letter "P". My typing will be limited until the larger bandage can be exchanged for a regular bandaid. When you loss a portion of skin, it is not good to close the gap with stitches, so the bleeding must be stopped by cauterizing or clotting.

The healing time will be longer as the area builds a new layer of skin, and infection can be a problem.

I was impressed by the routine of the ER from triage to treatment, not fast but effective. The ER was not crowded after the feasting. There was a wounded police officer there that brought a crowd of fellow officers.

We headed back to the gym and they gave an Ipod to one of us in a chance drawing for those who showed up today.

Laura went to the Mall while I visited a friend for lunch. A good day.

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Janet said...

Last year I took a chunk of skin off of my right ring finger almost down to the bone on a machine at work. I kept it clean and bandaged and used ointment on it. It took several weeks to heal from the bottom up and was tender for a long time. Now it is barely noticeable, no soreness and even has the fingerprint back. Hope this encourages you.