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Friday, November 19, 2010

Old Dog Learning New Tricks

Just finished my second round under the video and written tutalege of Don Strahan and Peak Performance golf. I had just lost so much consistency that I was ready to try something, and this inexpensive offer really fits my own do it yourself approach to the game of golf.

I love what he teaches about the two central issues of golf, which are the physics involved and the physiology of the human frame and its limitations for this odd thing called a golf swing.

He promised quick results and I am getting them. Especially driving and short irons.
He promised less back strain which is true and wonderful. I have no pain after this round. I have hit more really solid and effective shots than usual.

Main problem I am having is mental. There is a point in this swing where I can hijack myself and become all arms smashing into the ground, which was my old destructive habit.

I made par on the last four difficult holes, eight pars overall, and a spate of suddenly bad putting.....its always something out there misfiring...and I am like a kid with a new toy, an old kid that is.

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Anonymous said...

Have watched some of the videos and "feel" on the range like I have changed my swing quite a lot--but if it improves my overswinging just some, I'll be happy. Eden