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Sunday, November 21, 2010

We Gather Together

Jackson Square, New Orleans, a place to encounter humanity at its strangest.

All I have to do is sing one traditional Thanksgiving hymn and the spirit of the season begins to percolate in my spirit. I really want to be thankful for life, and blessings, and would like to declare a time out from the political vitriol that so dominates our national consciensness.

I know it is naive, but I just wish honest politicians would do the business of government, and honest bankers would make good loans and honest borrowers would make good payments, and honest wall street brokers would honestly handle my money as if it was mine and not theirs. Honestly, I'm not whistling dixie on this, but I must be dreaming?!!!!!

1 comment:

Kansas Bob said...

Ann and I have enjoyed several visits to NOLA. I am with you about honest politicians and bankers.