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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pushing the Thanksgiving Button

West facing Kannapali Beach gives a nightly show at sunset worth your trip to see.

I do not think you can just decide to be thankful without being a bit phony. True thankfulness sort of surprises you and fills you. Tonight after the gym we had a sunset that was so remarkable that I stopped to take a picture with the droid and was just overwhelmed with the crisp fall air, the colors of red, orange and blue painted across the western mountains, and I was thankful to be alive to see it.

Laura and I have swapped the first cold of the season this week. Hers first, then I got it. Spending half her time in a elementary school is a recipe for virus reception. For this cold we are not thankful, but miserable, which, however, gives you a good gauge for times when you feel great.

I cleaned my office today, which made me feel great. I hope I can keep it that way for a while. Hope springs eternal.

I am speaking on Psalm 46 for our Thanksgiving eve service. What a great challenge and encouragement to not fear, no matter what is going wrong in the world, trust God.
The latter verse says He makes wars to cease....and I was wondering....could He make the next one, the one that has not yet happened...to cease....and could I help in some way?

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