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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just Doing It

I love the line from a cute movie "Curly Sue" about a father and daughter eating at a buffet. "When we get a chance to fill the hump, we fill it". That is what happens to me when I go to an all you can eat buffet.

As I began month fifteen of gym membership I asked the person who checks us in electronically how many times I had come to the gym. I was pleasantly surprised that at day 300 of the year I had worked out 150 times, an every other day average. Four O'clock in the afternoon may not be right for many, but it has worked with my schedule. Even today, when my will power was down, I knew that if I just got out
the door and started walking I would feel better, and I did. I use the forty minutes of aerobics to think, to relax, to reflect on the day. The stretching and weights are very rewarding. I am hoping my heart is responding with strength and healing and health.

I am glad the election is over and pray the mandate is heard and we become more fiscally responsible and free enterprise encouraging.

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