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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fear of Muslims

A Maui Sunset, God's good evening gift.

Dr. Zassar came to speak to our interfaith group. The following week he was on The Factor with Bill OReilly, who was impressed and apparently said he should be on Obama's Cabinet. Dr. Zassar desires the Muslim world of which he is a part to come into the 20th Century and give up their insistence of converting every place they live to Sharia Law, which he contended is not the orginal heart of Islam. He believes they must seperate Mosque and State.

Most of the conversations I hear is the conclusion that they won't, can't, or have no desire to stop their violent colonization of the west. I continue to hold the hope that Christians will realize the unique role they play in this tension, and pursue the way of peace. I really hope that we can learn from the past and find a better way than mutually assured destruction.

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Kansas Bob said...

"seperate Mosque and State"

- I like that Don!