Hawaii 2010

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ipod Update

Every Hawaiian resort has a guitarist playing ballads by the legendary IZ.

My 80 gig Ipod will be three this Christmas and is running like a charm. I am nearing 7000 songs in my pocket. This is an accessibility unknown in former decades.
My favorite genre is New Age, which is an misleading term for what is known as ambient music. Quiet piano, beautiful strings, haunting artists like Yanni, and Enya, and my favorite extinct label, Windham Hill Music. You can still find these in used CD stores, featuring the discovery of artists like Jim Brinkman, George Winston, and many others.

I love my Pop Genres with Abba, Simon and Garfunkel, Celine, Josh Grobin. Of course I have a ton of Christian music, more Celtic music than the average person. Hawaiian too.

Our country collection is lagging, just did not grow up listening to it, except for Porter Wagner and Chet Atkins on TV in the south. But the growing number of contempary groups have a kind of cross over sound that we love. In fact, tonight we are headed to a concert by one of the top sounds in Country, Lady Antebellum, with their "Need You Now" Tour. Wandering if country music folks will wear costumes to a Halloween Evening Concert?

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