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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Will someone tell you if I died?

This is me being a youth leader in his late forties, during VBS. It is hard to sing and strum at the same time.

I was a little upset that my missionary friend died on August 26th and I did not know it until November 8th. We send our monthly support to a Mission Organization in Pennsylvania that acts as a clearinghouse for funds going overseas and to many independent missionaries, helping with tax accounting, transfers from one type of currency to another, etc, for a small fee.

I called the director of Renato's division and he said he heard of his death that very week from an American friend, but had to go online to get obituary information which by Sept. 5th when they had the ceremony, did not make the September receipt's.

I felt better, but I really wonder if I leave suddenly, (which is possible as I do about 45 minutes of aerobics five days a week, would Laura know how to get on my laptop and into my face book and log onto this blog and let you know? Probably not, as least until she had time and emotions to call in my cyber son-in-law.

We always say going quickly is a blessing, but I kind of hope I have a chance to say I love you and good bye and see you in heaven.

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