Hawaii 2010

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Streams in the Desert

Weather for ducks.

After one third of my life invested in desert living I cannot tell you what a delight I just had sitting on the back porch watching the rain pour off the roof. We are having some climate change and Laura, home for a two week vacation, had noted that the storms on both days started exactly the moment she and her fellow teachers would have been struggling to load kids into cars. She teaches at a magnet school with no bus service, so its a chaotic fifteen minutes.

We just purchased a new dishwasher, for the older one had quite doing what it was hired to do. Its a good think Laura is going to California because when she is home she launches into a cleaning frenzy that makes me nervous......well, truly I am blessed to have a women who will not tolerate dirt in the house, now cat fur and dander is another unfortunate story.

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Kansas Bob said...

Been enjoying your pics Don. We must have traded weather patterns. No rain in sight for a week or so.. and it has been that long since our last rain. KC weather has been paradise like.