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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The ends and the means

Disney 2006, the older your vaca pics are, the more precious as you see your grandkids growing. Laura and the kids are going to Disney next week and I am not invited...and I am OK with it.

Do the ends justify the means? It is always a lively topic in ethics discussions. Our side is right so its OK to lie cheat and steal to win our point.

I think for Christ followers the way we get there is as important as the thing we desire. This is the point about civility in Guiness book. We can have huge disagreements with what is best for America, but not resorting to violence and villainy to achieve them is as important as achieving them.

There is lots of talk about a book on the left about how to get things done politically, and some conservatives are saying those things work, even though they are morally questionable, we conservatives need to use the same book to win politically. I think this is a bad idea. The mutual character destruction and distortion in the political attack adds makes me sad enough to withdraw from the public square. No one wins when this is our methodology. John McCain had an announcer on his adds with a voice so dripping with sarcasm toward the opponent that his voice was all by itself making you despise the other person. A huge dismissive proud sounding voice. I really could not stomach those commercials.

Too many Christians forward anything published against their ideological opponents and many times they turn out to be false accusations. Be careful to speak the truth in love.

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