Hawaii 2010

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lost in Translation

The California Sequoias thrive in a small band of altitude and conditions, and they have grown to massive porportions that draw people to visit and marvel, as I finally did this summer. I want wifey to see this in person.

I enjoyed the movie, and much of the last ten years have involved dusting off my Greek skills to examine the original language of scripture in the development of our theological frameworks.

I have been sharing some of the tradition that has arisen around the Greek word eon, and aionian, the noun and the adjective. New testament Greek, Paul in particular joins the words to mean ages upon ages. My point, and I rest upon great tradition and strong shoulders, even if minority in number, in holding the link between the time/space continuum and our future. Paul calls it a spiritual body, but it is indeed both spiritual and a body. Our age enduring life unfolds in many amazing chapters. God's purposes in reconciling all things to Himself will be accomplished.

It's good news.


Kansas Bob said...

I sometimes wonder if our new bodies will exist outside of time.

Marc said...

It *is* good news!