Hawaii 2010

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Godliness is Holy as He is, not Holier than Thou

The barren Haleakela Crater, Maui.

We do not develop our own righteousness, but strengthen that which is supplied through faith in the finished work of Christ. In ITim. Paul is telling us that working our faith muscles had tremendous value for this life and the next. It is however the Godliness of Christ, so when Paul speaks almost catechistacly of the mystery of Godliness, it has more to do with what Christ accomplished in His life and death than about what we do in the exercise of our faith.

Never any boasting, and never any real need to appear haughty and proud by what we become. Holiness in Christ is very warm and inclusive and attractive, even when He is blasting his own people. It is the Holier than Thou crowd that upset him, and the broken and humble that He tenderly ministered too. That is the Godliness I want to see flowing from Him through me, for my benefit and the kindgom, now and coming.

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Kansas Bob said...

Good thoughts Don. I find it good to remember the fruit of the Spirit when I consider what godliness looks like..