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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Caring about our immediate future

I spent a week of prayer, contemplation and nature enjoyment in this cabin in Northern Idaho several years ago, it was built from logs cut right on the property. Every day the deer came to the salt lick outside the door. I made some decisions that week that are still bearing fruit in my life for good.

I met a brilliant young Muslim physician yesterday. He is fighting a fight to get to the core issue of what is wrong with the Muslim faith that is bringing the world to the brink of disaster. He says that, ironically, it is the confusion of church and state. The radical muslim agenda does not come from the pure Quran, but from other writings, hadiths? that promote violence and control of the countries they colonize politically. In other words, Sharia Law is not true muslim doctrine, and wherever it is practriced their is abuse of women, lose of freedom, and severe political disunity.

He is fighting to create reformation of these destructive practices and it is a long battle with many problems that could arise where American fear and national politics could defeat efforts at coexistence and dialogue.

I pray a lot for peace, and for the continued opportunity to live a quiet and peaceful life. It is sort of out of my control.

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