Hawaii 2010

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Winter Rye, oceans of green

We teed off on one of our most beautiful golf courses yesterday. The back nine just opened after reseeding. They put down lush green rye from fence to lake front and it was breathtakingly uniformly lush.

The first few weeks it is kept high to build strength and depth. And it was so green and wet that it grabbed your ball and reduced roll dramatically. A brisk breeze added to the loss of length.

I fell into my inevitable habit of swinging harder, and....it all went downhill.
Yes, I had a few pars, but four 8s on your card makes a big number. Hacking, dunking it in the many water hazards. One of the highlights was a flock of Canadian Geese feeding on the landing area of a par five with absolutely no fear of flying balls.

If you are not a desert dweller, the winter grass is a real attraction for our visitors, and a major part of our dove populations diet. I took a camera and forgot the card again, and forgot I had a smart phone camera.

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