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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The benign neglect of child #2

Last night at Disneyland Christmas 2009

The first child gets your undivided attention, you talk to them, you read to them, you spend quality time, you want every advantage in life to be theirs. Number two get dual time and suddenly less alone time, less reading time with two to handle. It happened with us and now with our grandkids. Ben is lagging a bit in kindergarten in recognition of some letters and numbers, and of course we are watching his college scholarship slip away???? in Kindergarten????

Any how, Laura, the worlds greatest first grade teacher is spending quality time for the next few days while mom and dad are having away time at a conferece, and it will continue when a second conference takes everyone.....but me.....to Disneyland.

I am looking foward to four days of cat sitting while I continue my fall schedule here in good old Sun Lakes, AZ.

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