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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The limits of Godliness

Earlier this week with one of Disney's great pumpkins. Laura said her feet and legs were killing her...are we getting too old for Disney? I think not.

Paul's epistles are both timely and cultural. He is saying somethings, IMO that will change with the passing of time, such as the condemnation of pearl necklaces and the endorsement of slavery.

There are some warnings that have a real timelessness, like the warning that there will be some attempting to use religion as a means of great gain materially. There is a great difference between trusting God for your daily bread and writing your own paycheck with positive confession.

I also see that the growth in godliness cannot be hastened, and will not be free from trials and difficulties, instead, the obstacles will be part of God's plan for our continuing transformation into the likeness of the image of God in the face of Christ.

Today I stopped by to visit a stroke survivor, slowly rebuilding strength and clarity, and also a man with a terminal illness, taking each day with the best attitude he can muster while he feels his strength draining away.

I cling and rejoice in my original proposition, exercising our selves in godliness has great benefit in this life....and the life to come.

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