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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Goodbye to Al K.

I sent my Canon Point and Shoot with Laura to Disney and they took 20 pictures. I would have come back with ten times that amount.

Al lost a brief battle with liver cancer this weekend. He was one of the most active 83 year olds I have ever met. In the gym daily, he was until two years ago a skier and hiker, and avid fisherman. He loved life and loved the Lord.

After a long career in the military service he used his engineering and problem solving skills in the oil industry as one of his companies troubleshooters. He was a fixer.

After retirement he enjoyed watching financial issues and investing, with a passion I have rarely seen outside of a brokerage. It was a blessing to see him troubleshooting his approaching absence and preparing for his wife to go on without him. We were privileged to have him serving on our board at the time of his death. He will be missed, a man who had a great life, and he told us so, and did not fear death.

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