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Sunday, October 10, 2010

So, God will be in the News and on TV this week

Half Dome, Yosemite. Picked from a photo blog..now that I have seen this view I can die a bit more fulfilled with the places I have seen."

This mornings paper says that our view of who God is in American is widely divergent.

Some see Him as Authoritative, some as Benevolent, some as Critical and Judgmental.

They way we see Him affects the way we live and relate and develop our reactions to life.

So, since I have a calling to share God with people, how do we participate in this conversation on PBS and in the papers?

So much of the pain in my life has been from people criticizing me because my view of God or scripture in not as deep as theirs, or plain wrong. In my former denomination no matter how reformed I attempted to be there was always some group more reformed and with it than me or my group.

So I go on this personal and private quest to ask myself, Who is God, and make some interesting shifts in my thinking that are deeply blessing me in all the confusion around me. Am I contributing to the same problem by trying to correct someones view of who God is? Is'nt that how true revival and reformation take place? Are not the websites highly critical of some churches and movements just trying to defend the view of God they have revered for all their lives? How do we relate to people outside the Christian faith whose views of God are all over the map?

Some times I get a bit weary of defending and explaining God....and talk about toilets and grand kids and golf, and the beauty of life and our Creator reflected in nature....and that....I hope.....is OK with God!!!!!!

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