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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Issues

This little guy went trick or treating, and never had a store bought costume. I think he was a hobo or a pirate a good bit with a red bandana.

I am long past caring what people do for Halloween. It can certainly be harmless fun or an opportunity to witness through putting on an alternative party.

What saddens me is how lost the History of the Reformation is, and the role it played in the freedoms we enjoy and the uniqueness of the American adventure. I love the idea of always reforming according to the truth. It is a willingness to question long standing tradition and to examine doctrine and dogma. The reformers wanted a clearer experience of the faith, and the conflict with Roman dogma would not allow them to listen and respond except in attempts to stifle and control. Unfortunately the split was not pretty and many paid a price to pursue religious freedom.

People are still refining and reforming and recovering from dead traditions, and others are active in criticizing and judging. I believe we are at the cusp of a new reformation that will possibly heal some of the rifts that threaten our future.

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