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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kudos to Channel 8 on God in America

Its a Small World after all...
and Disney's desire to share the joys of his American childhood and to celebrate the creativity of Americans in settling the country, establishing cities, traveling the world, and moving boldly into the future....we love what he did and let go and return to our own innocent childhood when we go through those gates to revel in the fantasy that is life.

My family is safely esconced in the Disneyland Hotel, ready to use their two day passes tommorow and Thursday. My Son in Law is in an Educational Computer Conference and will enjoy the last day. I am here, home, holding the remote control and enjoying the solitude.

I am enjoying watching day 2 of God in American which is pretty powerful stuff for much needed discussions of the danger of those who are positive God is on their side.
The Civil War photos and Lincolns struggle were very powerful.

My son in law needed a vehicle and as a computer nerd/genius type he laid out a goal for price, gathered a list, worked a plan and ended up with a car driven conservately, kept very clean, and sold by the widow who lost his wife, the driver of the car, and was willing to sell it reasonably. Way to go J. T. It is a 2004 Kia Rio Hatchback, just what they need.

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