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Monday, October 18, 2010

Thanks for 10,000 hits

I began blogging in August of 2008 after returning from my 40th High School Reunion in Jackson, MS. I added a counter about a year ago and it clicked past 10,000...and thanks for each of you that want to share a moment of your browsing time checking in.

I have not wanted to become a Theo-blogger, because I wanted to keep it up daily so that people would want to stop by regularly. I love sharing my pictures...this is a visual medium.

Some days I have inspiration, some I am tired, some times guarded from the real things I am thinking, always amazed that someone from another country or culture might click in and see someone who loved his first computer in 1984 and tried to keep up with the waves of change ever since. I have some temptation to go Apple but have resisted except for my dearly appreciated Ipod.

I know many of you are not inclined to comment and that is fine, those who do are appreciated, we all write and display for an audience in this medium. Bless you all.


Andrew said...

I read every post, but since I read it in google reader, I am not sure if the hit is being counted.... But in any case, happy 10,000!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Don! It has been wonderful to reconnect this way. I love seeing life through your lens.



Kansas Bob said...

Congrats on 10k Don! I enjoy coming here.

Anonymous said...

We are Apple converts and after a year of adjustment to new terms and methods and one on one sessions at the Apple store, we are basically happy with the switch--Eden

jack said...

cool due.....