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Friday, October 22, 2010

Cash for Clunkers....Sort of

This was an Oldsmobile Delta 88, one of many of my beloved transportations.

A year ago I traded a 92 Honda Vigor in for a new car. The cars mpg would not qualify for the real government program, but the Kia dealership offered the same deal for any car.

This Vigor belonged to a salesman whose bosses finally asked him to get a newer car for the company image. It was given to me after I lost my car to a wreck and I drove it thankfully for over a year. When I traded it in there were 237,000 miles on the car. Her blue book value was 350 dollars. I had some repair costs and the brakes were going so I jumped on the offer.

Yesterday I was in the mall parking area for a lunch meeting, and there she was, same missing piece of rubber. I told the women she was driving my old car and she said its been running fine. Never underestimate a car dealers ability to make an extra buck.

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Kansas Bob said...

Used to be all I could afford was clunkers. ;)