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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Successful Church

I moved to a fast growing area 25 years ago, it was prime location for church planting, and over my 25 years here I have seen lots of churches start, fizzle, get stuck, merge, etc. There have been some very remarkable success stories. I blogged last year about a very impressive ministry and shortly after the pastor got canned for multiple acts of adultery among the members of the church. It was heartbreaking for me just watching from the periphery.

Today I visited another shining light church, great location, three packed services, true missionary emphasis and great mature teaching pastor, good staff, good music. I supported this pastors father who was a missionary for many years in the south. It was very refreshing to see a newer church function well, no enlarged egos, just solid, contemperary, relavant, but rooted in the historic faith.

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