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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wonderfully Made

Standing at the Jurrasic Park Gate posts in Kauai in 2001 with Brian and Laura.

I am a genetically fast plaquer with an inflammatory disease and a blood that contains small dense lipo-proteins.

High blood sugar scratches the arterial walls and cholesteral attempts to repair them, and the wall gradually narrows until blood flow is restricted.

Those are two ways I have been told that my arteriosclerosis does its damage. So my circulatory system is the perfect storm for life threatening heart attacks.

So, for the fifth time I have had stress tests in late August when indications that I was having issues appeared and for the fifth time I will undergo a heart cath procedure on Monday am, to be stented and relieve the blockage, or to be scheduled for heart bypass surgery if that is not successful.

Trust me Christians, I have been praying for healing and watching my diet and exercising for years. This is no easy fix, and God has left me with it to live or die dealing with it. And modern cardiology has already extended my life. So please pray, and join me in asking for more time to live and enjoy and learn. If its time to go, I will. Hoping its not.

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