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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


The Protestant Reformation hit the tipping point with 95 questions. It dethroned the Pope as ultimate authority for all those who left Rome. For us the Pope is no longer the final authority for all things about faith and practice.

We enthroned an infallible Bible as the authority for all things about faith and practice, and over the last five hundred years have split into what has been estimated at 24,000 different denominations.

Some would assert that we should never have asked the questions.

Not me.

As I understand it, we are at the verge of a new reformation where new questions are being asked no longer of the Pope. (Is he still around)? The questions are being asked of the infallible Bible, which as we have not failed to notice, has been subject to the interpretation of thousands of little popes who figured out the true message of the bible and started a new church with their own set of by laws.

Example. The infallible Bible says women should stay at home, stay out of education, raise children and let the guys run things. Thoughtful people are discovering that women can think, and learn, and talk and be very influential. Just watch Fox News to be convinced. Those women can think and express and convince.

No, my infallible Bible has spoken, God said it, I believe it, that settles it.

And that, dear friends, is why we are asking questions of the 500 year old Protestant Reformation, and why no large or small pope can stop them.
And that is only one of 95 or so questions that are being asked, by some respectfully, by some defiantly, and by some by just walking away to enjoy their own life and family while it is still possible.

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